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January 31, 2010


Michael Lewkowitz

Danese, congratulations. Love seeing you take on this role like this and recognizing out front the fact of you are the only female CTO in the top 10. Another important fact not to be lost in this. All the best in this adventure!


Congratularions on the new job! I am very happy that someone I personally know is managing the technology for Wikimedia now. I'm looking forward to a great future for Wikimedia.

Russell Nelson

Interestingly, I've not yet found any positive confirmation of the fact, however, there is sufficient evidence (on your Flickr page) that you are a follower of Meher Baba that if you were to try to DENY it, the fact of your followership could be included in your Wikipedia page. Seems like an asymmetry there.

Karl Fogel

Congratulations, Danese -- a great choice on both sides! Interestingly, this was on your Wikipedia page a bit before you announced it yourself. Watch out for those digital paparazzi; it's only going to get worse... :-)

Eric Laszlo

Congrats Danese! Wikimedia has made an excellent choice.

Eric Laszlo

Congrats Danese! Wikimedia has made an excellent choice.

John Carter

Wiki witch of the west...nice www :)) congrats on the new job


Congratulations on your new job,Wikimedia only benefit!
Good luck Danese !

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