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October 20, 2009


Onno Kluyt

Wow. Bizarre.


bummer! hang in there. maybe it's time to start your own company :)

Rodent of Unusual Size

Ghu, I am *so* sorry to hear this, Danese! You have all the positive karma I can send..

Daniel Steinberg

Such a shame. Things will turn out ok for you -- but sorry you have to go through this first.

James Abley

That sucks. What's your anti-compete status? Sounds like you have 47% of a good company looking to use their skills...

The Lightweight Kid

Wow, so that makes two of us hitting the bricks! Okay, actually that makes 800,000 of us but you know what I mean. Sorry to hear about this. I know you were excited about what was happening. The good thing is that, unlike me, you are marketable and have an in-demand skill set and a huge network. Best of luck and see you at Dickens?


Bummer, but maybe it will turn out to be for the best as I think the community should standardize around www.scipy.org.

Tal Galili

I am sorry to read your post Danese!

I wish you all the best with what you are doing.


Jaime @ Mineful

Danese I like your attitude. People like you that do good work will never lack job opportunities. Open source analytics will only keep growing and the needs for your skills will grow in demand as well. Best, Jaime


WIth any funding effort, merger, acquisition, etc., the Execs are motiviated to preserve the current value, including the resources. As soon as the deal closes, the new business plan goes into effect and lots of changes can happen including the unfortunate part that happened to you. However, lying is not part of tools of a professional and ethical exec. I've been in this situation several time and lying is not acceptable. The other choices for the exec are to say "i don't know" or to be silent. Those have some risk of you choosing to move on, but most consider it worth that risk. In bigger companies, it is easier to hide what is going on, small ones, everyone knows. So, next time, get ready for anything, no matter what you are hearing, in case you find another liar.

Just remember, that exec has just shown himself/herself as a competent and comfortable liar who is low on ethics to his board, the other execs, the employees....

Ben Bolker

@keithcu: I hope that R and SciPy both continue to be alternatives for quantitative analysis. Why dump R because one commercial company that was leveraging it does something we don't like? (By all means argue for SciPy over R, but let's argue about the platforms themselves -- if you think that R isn't worth using without the enhancements that Revolution was adding, then your argument would have some merit.)

Gregory Kohs

Unfortunately for you, the Wikimedia Foundation has probably even more political intrigue, financial question marks, and backstabbing than you found in your departure from REvo. Good luck, Danese. You're going to need it.

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