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June 10, 2008


Dawn Foster

Well, you just prompted me to check my gmail alternate email address, and yep, it was pointed at one that autoforwards to gmail. Not good. Changed it to something better. Thanks for the reminder.


Well, I don't work for google, so I can't be sure about this, but my guess is that, "there's no obvious way for a Google employee to vouch for the identity of a Gmail user", because there's no way for Google to vouch for all of its employees. One needs to only look at Valleywag to know that it's rather hard for a company to trust each and every one of their employees, and with a need to treat everyone equally, they can trust no one.

Though the diva could probably get an audience with either Larry, Sergei or Eric ;)



Try goosh.org type in gmail and see if it down loads? Also I know this is strange but but can you get your Google Reader to read your mail (through the little subscription link) then forward that subscription to yourself else where.

I have been trying to get Google to combine my two accounts with the same name that they (Google) created by accident due to AdWords. I got "if it were affecting AdWords AdWords could help" but since it's the "free gmail" account no one can help since they (Google) don't hire anyone to work on the "free" applications.


If you can still read mails to danese@gmail, I'd go to a different computer, or use a different browser, and set up another gmail address (let's call it lostpassword@gmail).

Go to Settings > Accounts, and tell it that you want to send mail as danese@gmail

That'll send off a mail to danese@gmail with a link in it. Click the link, and lostpassword can send mail as danese.

Then it's time to go to danese's Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Forward a copy of incoming mail to lostpassword, and leave Gmail's copy in the inbox (or archive, as you like).

You'll have five days of pain as you set up all your filters all over again - but it might be better than nothing?

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