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July 16, 2006


Paul Querna

Go to Australia, it was by far my favorite!

Simon Phipps

I can't believe you've not been to Australia or South Africa!


Your map certainly looks quite a bit "redder" than mine. I created my map in 2004, I don't think it has changed much since:


There's a European version as well, they only country I can now add to it is Spain:


And for those in the UK even one of the counties in Britain:


Martin Lister

I really like using 43 Places for this. It brings in the whole social networking angle and lets you share your travel tips, reviews and photos. Its also a great way to fight the travellers amnesia which seems to get worse with age. I used to begin a stroy about this great temple I visited in Japan only to find I don't remember the name, the place or even when I went. Now I just forward someone the URL :-)


Hi ... I have invited you to travel to Idina ...by mail but you havent replied .
I organised a meet of JNTU LUG
check www.jntulug.org

Vikram Mohan

I noticed you yet have to visit Dubai....


Cool, how did you find the Philippines?


Hello!The idea of inventing such map of traveling is really great. I will follow your example.


It's a good idea! To say the truth I know many people who mark places they visit. For this, they invent maps of this kind.


I enjoy the idea of creating a map of trips. It's great to follow how much you have visited and plan what you are intended to visit.

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