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April 26, 2005


Mark Wielaard

"The article makes it sound as if Sun is doing something exotic with the JCA in OpenOffice.org, but in fact all the FSF projects, all Apache projects, and many other open source projects ask for similar rights. [...] Also, having the JCA allows Sun to maintain the dual-licensing (so if you donate code back under SISSL, Sun can also publish it under LGPL)."

Note that the contracts for official GNU projects come with obligations to the FSF. It is a two way contract between the contributor and the FSF. The contributor grants the copyright to the FSF and warrants that he or she is the original copyright holder and has the right to contribute the source code. The assignment contract commits the FSF to setting distribution terms that permit free redistribution. So it not just allows to publish under a free software license, it actually requires the FSF to do so. This requirement to keep the assigned code always free is the biggest difference between the FSF contract and some of these company assignment policies.

vamsi kundeti


Actually I have a query....not realated to this post. I guess you have really fought hard for sun to release the code of JVM and solaris. So is your next assignment at intel is to get the IP code of the intel processors to opensource ? . Actually there is nothing much happening in the opensource hardware world except I see http://www.opencores.org . So will intel get its ip core of the processor out?? atleast for the academic purposes?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best Regards,

PS: BTW I met you in the JavaOne conference at hyderabad last year in the opensource BOF.

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