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March 27, 2005



Actually, the "throw a party" makes a lot of sense. If you do a one-on-one with a person, it normally takes at least 5-15 minutes and sometimes can go even longer. Assuming you can keep each one-on-one down to 5 minutes a piece, you're talking about 500 minutes (not including overhead of time in between actually doing the one-on-ones, which could be even more than 5 minutes itself) or just over 8 hours -- a full work day.

Now, think about throwing a party for 100 people. You have them all in the same place at the same time (no switching from one person to the next overhead as in the one-on-one scenario). You can spend less than 5 minutes with a person and not feel bad: just keep walking the crowd.

This is a great story and teaches an important lesson about problem solving -- the "way we traditionally do it" and "the right way" are not necessarily the same. It's cool to hear that Google gets it.

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